Sound Advice in Framing

Out of the many things that BContemporary has done right in the framing business, there are a few tips that must be shared with you. And these are not tips on how to shop online for frames, or how to score special discounts. These are the tips that have worked best and are already enjoying the status of the ‘unquestionable’ – meaning they are already general rules of thumb. It would be best, then, if you follow them, especially now that you’re thinking of the perfect frame that would go with your picture.

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Before going to Amsterdam, you need traveling to amsterdam tips, for you to be fully equipped when you get there. Same goes with the process of framing. Tips and advices from experts are essential to your project. Here are some important advices and guidance to be followed to achieve a perfect-looking frame.

When Framing a Photograph

Set your crop lines. You decide how much of the photo stays in the frame, and that’s not up to the framer. The key here is to communicate your preferences. Would you like your image to be cropped or matted over? Go ahead and tell your framer. BContemporary will listen to you.

It is nice if you can hang a portrait of yourself in your own house. Hire a good photographer, tidy up and if you want to clear out some age spots and blemishes, you can wear a handy concealer cream using your kkday discount code. Crop lines depend on how you prefer or if you’re undecided, you can always ask for your framer’s advice.

When Framing Fine Art and Limited Edition Creations

Let the art speak for itself and stand on its own. Guard yourself against framers that try to convince you that you should have your art framed using loudly colorful pieces, double frames, or fancy cuts. Of course, here at BContemporary, that should be the least of your worries. Nevertheless, should you decide to have it done by someone else, you know what to do.

It is better if you can buy your art materials for framing on online shops so you could get discounts like aliexpress coupon code for new customers. If you are a first time buyer, most of the online shops give voucher codes to purchase items with a discount or a cheaper price.

When Framing Posters and Decorative Art

Know the value of your piece. There are valuable posters, and there are posters which are not. You, being the owner, should know the difference. To expect the knowledge from your framer is plain silly. If the poster is of some value, it should not be dry-mounted (meaning permanently attached to a backing board) unless it’s absolutely necessary. On the other hand, pieces that have sentimental value but are not priced much may be dry-mounted.

When Framing Memorabilia

Listen to the experts. Be open to suggestions from your framer on how best to have your pieces framed. Work with your framer on what would be the best layout to frame your items. Fear not, BContemporary is always ready to hear you out.


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