Shake-n-Make is a queer art collective based in Hamilton, Ontario whose work directly references the 1970s while elevating craft and subject matter beyond kitsch to speak to our current moment in history.  1970s crafts were all about making something homey and comforting out of cheap and readily available materials.  In a sense, it was an attempt to escape the turmoil of the time (recession, oil crisis, terrorism) by crafting back to a nostalgic version of the 1950s (a seemingly more prosperous and peaceful time).  Our current era bears more than a passing resemblance to the 70s.  The recession, the oil crisis, and terrorism dominate our news.  Environmentalism is again a driving concern.  Crafting has become chic.  Shake-n-Makeendeavors to manifest these connections in its work.


Claudia B. Manley:

As an artist I am specifically interested in the intersection of craft, text, and creative expression.  While my formal training is in fiction writing, for the past several years I have been expanding my professional creative practice into visual arts and performance.  As an active member of Shake-n-Make, I create works that incorporate a range of 70s crafts as well as text and photo-based works.  My work within the collective has focused on reverse appliqué, soft sculptures, macramé, beaded sculpture, string art, and photo-text work.  An active canner, cook, and crafter, Shake-n-Make provides me with an opportunity to combine the DIY philosophy inherent in my day-to-day activities with my interdisciplinary art practice.


Liss Platt:

After a decade of creating queer camp short videos and photo projects, my more recent work engages with experimental approaches to personal narrative, particularly as informed by growing up in the 70s. Part of this project has involved making abstract works out of everyday gestures and objects (i.e. puck paintings, large scale photos of candy compositions, digital composites of Spirograph patterns) that resonate with me.  My work in Shake-n-Make represents a continuation of my interest in bringing elements of popular culture, along with personal and autobiographical content, into a highly aestheticised and often abstract art practice.  My intention is to re-invest a range of common objects and aesthetic approaches with new meaning.


Amber Fondues

C-print, 2/5, 2009


Fun With Franks

C-print, 1/5, 2009


Waikiki Meatballs

C-print, 1/5, 2009



Circular Logic: Ring 64, Hole 16

C-print, 1/5, 2011

29 x 40"


Circular Logic:CMY Grid

C-print, 1/5, 2011

30 x 39"


Circular Logic: Ring 75, Hole 16 x27 to 20 x 31

C-print, 1/5, 2011

28 x 40"


Serve And Protect

Hand-made coasters, 8 images, 2009

Set of four- $100

Campsite Quickie

Artist Book, edition of 100, 2009


(at right: Excerpt from Campsite Quickie)

SHAKE-n-MAKE Honorary Member Patch

Embroidery, printed card


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Plastic beads, toy car, plastic gas can, 2009


SHAKE-n-MAKE: More Than A Feeling

(Foreground l - r) Relic: Rainbow Brite, 2011, $1400; Relic: Black Gold, 2010, $1400; Relic, 2009, $1200.

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