Glossary of Key Terms in Picture Framing

The goal of BContemporary is to really help you with your framing concerns, and not to simply offer quick tips like get voucher codes and coupon codes to score special discounts. Although these are definitely ways to get cheaper frames, BContemporary commits itself to providing solid, substantial help. So here’s yet another contribution to your knowledge of frames: a mini glossary of key terms, focusing on the five vowels of the alphabet.

Mastering Your Vowels: A.E.I.O.U

Absorbent - term applied to papers that absorb water solutions or other liquids. Examples of absorbent papers are blotting and toweling products. Many mat boards tend to have absorbent properties.


Acid-free - a term that describes paper materials with a pH of around 7.0. These materials are considered acid-free and are less likely to harm artwork or discolor over time. Paper materials with a pH below 6.5 or above 8.5 are not considered acid-free for the purposes of picture framing.


Euro Hanger - a device for hanging pictures. Two hangers are needed to hang a picture - one on each side. The hangers are normally positioned 1/3 of the way down the from the top of the frame. A screw driver is used to tighten the set screw. The hanging wire is threaded through the eyelet.


Overlap - a term that refers to how much of the artwork will be covered by the mat board. A standard mat window opening overlaps anywhere from 1/8" – 1/4" of the artwork.


UV/Non-glare Acrylic - acrylic that blocks ultraviolet radiation and has a matte finish etched on one side to reduce glare from lighting. Frame Destination sells 1/10" (.098) conservation grade UV/Non-Glare with 98% UV protection and non-glare matte surface. When framing with non-glare acrylic remember that the matte side goes away from the artwork.


So there you have it, your very own mini-glossary of key terms in framing, focusing only on the vowels. Hope you take time to master them, and learn more, as you go along.  Only the best for your frames with BContemporary!


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