What NOT to Do When Framing

It is BContemporary’s aim to empower customers, to allow you to enjoy a great degree of control over your most prized possessions, a.k.a, that which you would like to have framed. Now, if you just want to get things cheaper, there are online shops for that. Or if you just want to immediately buy frames without thinking, then you might want to get a hold of special offers and coupons such as the Lazada voucher code on minimum purchase. But then again, because you know the value of your piece, then you also know it can’t have just any frame. The frame has to be special. So here are a few tips on what NOT to do when framing, straight from BContemporary.

You can purchase your framing materials on online shops to get special offers and discounts. You’ll just need a discount code to enter and you can buy the items for a cheaper and affordable price. Go ahead and check the online stores now to take advantage of the special offer.

Art is also about doing the right things to preserve the creation, itself. Some shops offer cheap tickets for madame tussauds and you can learn there that art isn’t just about talents or skills. With proper precautions, knowledge and the information listed below, you can prevent your paintings from getting hazy and distorted.

DON’T Tape Just About Everything

The compulsion to tape everything is understandable – it’s quick, efficient, and it’s what moms have taught children since time immemorial. “When you want something to stick, tape it to the surface.” It might have worked for our school projects, but it certainly does NOT work when framing. Taping the picture to the frame for fear that it falls out will only destroy the picture. You can buy the right materials for framing online using discount promo codes to save more on your framing needs.  There are plenty of discount codes such as the kortingscode zalando to choose from.

DON’T Use Glue

This is destructive on a wholly different level. Tape was bad enough, but gluing your piece to mount it on any backing just makes it so much worse. When you slather and smear glue at the back of your art, or at the back of your photograph, the glue only destroys the picture in many ways. First, it might result in irregular adhesion, with the air bubbles that the glue might make. Second, it will most likely result in blotting all across the front, and that could just be the worst thing that could ever possibly happen.

DON’T Let the Furniture Decide

This is probably one of the most common mistakes people make – in choosing their frames, they decide based on the color of their furniture. What should be remembered is that the frame’s allegiance is to the picture, and not to your furniture. Let the art, photograph, or poster speak for itself. The furniture will just follow suit.


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