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Contemporary Framing Services

Imagine this. You are a talented artist, and you have your room full of your works, but you’re caught in a major problem: you haven’t had them framed yet. Or how about this: it’s Christmas vacation, and your family just had its annual and obligatory Family Photo Session at the Amsterdam Centrum. The picture is released by the studio, it’s the perfect shot, and yet, you don’t have the frame to go with it. You’ve tried to shop online, you’ve looked into online shops like Lazada and Zalora, but still you couldn’t seem to find the ‘right’ frame. In the words of any ordinary person: “What to do?”

Well, worry no more. Here at BContemporary, all your framing needs are addressed. Whether you’re that talented artist, or that problematic family member, or maybe you’re neither of these categories but you still find yourself in need of good frames, Bcontemporary is here to help.

Why Custom Frames?

So, yes, the question everyone’s dying to ask: why custom frames, indeed? Well, first of all, when you have your frames custom-made, you’re the boss. You won’t have any pesky attendant messing up your artwork or your photograph. Since you’re basically the one person who knows how you want that picture to look, then you should also be the one to dictate what your frames should look like. At BContemporary, you enjoy that kind of freedom, so everyone leaves happy and contented.

You might think that custom frames would cost too much but just like other online shops, where you could just enter voucher code for mobile app or enter any go buy direct discount codes online, BContemporary also has special offers for new customers. BContemporary value their customers and always put quality first to their service.

Second, with custom-made frames, you get value for your money. Sure, other people will say it’s too expensive. But, there’s greater value in holding your work or your Family Picture to a standard so high, that you won’t let anyone just put any ordinary frame around it. You go for custom-made frames from BContemporary because you understand that ‘price’ and ‘value’ don’t necessarily mean the same thing, and you know that ‘value’ matters more.

Third, by choosing custom-made frames, you get to acquaint yourself with framing experts.  At BContemporary, your pictures are handled by experts who value them as much as you do.  The excellent men and women behind BContemporay will certainly make sure that your pictures will get the frames which match them, with your close guidance and choosing.  Some frames are offered at discounted prices using kortingscode zalando especially during holiday promotions.  So if you want to get the best deal out of your money, watch out for our Holidays Special Promo.

The BContemporary Process

At BContemporary, the aim is always to make the process simple and the results satisfying. There’s no better customer experience than getting what you want with the clearest and simplest procedure possible – and that’s exactly the kind of customer BContemporary would always want you to become.

When you see programs that show artworks on the internet and digitale tv, they always use materials that has the best quality. You don't have to worry about anything.  BContemporary guarantees full insurance (just like zorgverzekering aanvragen 18 jaar zilveren kruis) coverage all artworks submitted.  Yes, we insure all submitted artwork so you will have the peace of mind while we do our job.

Here is the BContemporary way of doing things. Step One: determine the size of the artwork, or the photograph, or poster, or whatever it is that you’d like to have framed. Be sure that the size you indicate is in inches. Step Two: BContemporary tells you how much it costs. That’s basically it. You don’t have to worry about hidden costs, because at BContemporary, it’s as clear as day. And the goal is to keep it that way.


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